Do carbs in sweet potato good or bad for chubby fellows?

carbs in sweet potato

Do carbs in sweet potato good or bad for chubby fellows?

We always hate to have a potato-like a chubby face and tummy. You may have experienced people saying this frequently by looking at their chubby figure. Why do they often use the word potato? They often believe the calories containing in this starchy vegetable is not good to maintain the body weight. Not only that, the people who are lazy to engage with physical activities or even the day to day activities which need to activate the musculature, are also known as the potato balls. Isn’t it? But, do these sayings and beliefs actually applicable in sweet potato as well? This is one of a variety of the potato. Further, there are a lot of varieties in the world. However, the carbs in sweet potato are considered as lower than all other types. But is it true? Let’s discuss more on its truth and false beliefs.

Carbs in sweet potato Vs White potato…

The potatoes we eat regularly are the one we usually use in most of the dishes as cooked, processed, tempered or as a filling in most of the fast foods such as the bun, pastries Etc. However, we are not familiar with sweet potatoes as this. We usually used to eat it’s after boiling with “sambol” or chilli paste ( this is often known as the “lunu miris” in Sinhala and with different other names in Asian countries) like beverages. It is something you must to taste when you travelling to Asian countries such as India and Sri Lanka.

When we consider the carbohydrate in those two types of potato, it says, the white potato is having considerably higher carbohydrate content than sweet potato. Further, this pinkish colour thin variety is always known as a leading variety as the most nutritious potato among all other varieties by the normal population. But, is it true? Actually, it is a false thing and it contain a large number of carbohydrates than the regular ones we eat. It is known as about 20g for one portion of 100g. The carbohydrate concentration in regular variety is about seventeen grams in the same portion. Hence, there is a thinking point before having this for daily meals and low carb diets.

Different types of carbs in sweet potato

There are different types of carbohydrates known as monosaccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides. This variety is rich with the polysaccharide as well as monosaccharides. Therefore it is not owing to a high glycemic index. Hence, after you eat it, the starch or carb in it will absorb to the bloodstream faster than other varieties. This can create adverse reactions in diabetes patients. Hence, it is better to add this sweet food occasionally but not regularly. However, the fibres, proteins and other minerals in it will have some positive impacts as well.

The outline

Even though most of the individuals are believing carbs in sweet potato is less when compared to all other varieties of potato, there are a lot of varieties which giving really amazing benefits for your health with a number of nutrients and less starchy texture. Actually, its are not starchy as sweet potatoes. But, it is not saying that you have to totally avoid it. However, you can keep it in arms distance and enjoy on and off for low carb meals plans. Let’s meet again to discuss the important fact like this. Keep reading us to know the important tips to be healthy and fit!



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