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The terms and conditions mentioned in here are valid to use and manage our website which was designed to access tips of primary health care, https://www.healthrecommends.com

When you proceed with further actions of this website, you have to agree to accept each and every terms and condition mentioned in the next lines. If you couldn’t or if you are not ready to accept, you are no longer allowed to use the information in here.

The accessibility is prohibited for juniors who below 18 years old.

Intellectual Property Rights

The property rights are applicable only for the team of writers and editors of the primary health care. The permissions will not grant for copyright or unnecessary usage of the written, video or audio content without getting written permission from the team.


The following restrictions are applicable for users:

  • You have no permission to publish the materials obtaining through this site in any other databases.  
  • It is strictly prohibited to use the contents for any commercial uses.
  • There are no permissions to publish the contents of health recommends in any places other without the consent from the team.
  • Engaging with the activities which can become a harm to the website is considered as a violation and rules and regulations will act on those actions appropriately.
  • Following any data violations such as mining, extracting or harvesting is should be avoided.
  • Administration and management of the website are totally bearing by the team of the developers and they have right to terminate or limiting accessibility for certain pages of this site in according to decisions of the team at any time with it without prior notice.
  • You have to be responsible to protect confidentiality and we are also bound to protect the confidentiality of the account of, user name or password given by you.

Your Content

The different contents by means of pictures, written information and audio-video illustrations published by your self through primary health care must be your own unique creations and have rights for yourself. After publishing through our site, we bear the rights to modify, reproduce or translate it appropriately to use for the beneficence of the website.

The team of developers has the authority to delete, or remove these publisher contents or limit the displaying frequency or duration within the site.

Your Privacy

You can refer to the privacy policy for further details.

The website offers no warranties

We are not responsible to offer any warranty period or guarantees to the materials publishing here by means of its hundred present accuracies and the reliability. The contents and materials are presenting in order to accept as an explanatory and the advisory guidelines for the user. No more extra purposes than it. Then the primary health care team holds the rights to change this sentence appropriately and when necessary.

Limitation of liability

The team is not liable to be responsible for any misconduct with your use of the materials in here and they will no longer respond to become a third party involvement unit for the indirect, consequential or misleading activities you are taking place in here. The rules and regulations will apply in accordance with the terms and conditions of the website and the local or country inclusion. The team of developers including the administrative level to below will not support for any kind of these violations or misconduct at any cost.


You are hereby agreed to obey the full or partial indemnify to any of the liabilities done by means of the quality, demand, cost and/or any other inclusions stating by the primary health care team under the terms and conditions in future. The authority party to establish the final decision on this will be the current administrations of the primary healthcare team.


If it seems the current provisions of the terms, conditions and regulations are inappropriate for future demand and/or the inclusion after stating those, the team shall delete and/or remove and/or modify them under exists law at any time without having any unnecessary effect on the other included provisions which are applicable for current requirements.

Variation of Terms

The primary health care team is also bearing the rights carryout revisions in these terms at any time without prior notice. Therefore, you are expected to review the page frequently to updated with the alternative dine by the administrative authorities.

Entire Agreement

The included terms and conditions are referred as the bond full with agreements with the user/reader/you and the primary health care team as a reference to usage alerts and /or any other activity conducted through the website. The agreement will overwrite the prior assignments.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms and conditions mentioned here will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Sri Lanka. You have to submit the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Sri Lanka for the resolution of any disputes.