Privacy Policy

Effective date: January 26, 2019

Here are the details on the privateness of the data we collected from you. All the inclusions in related to future utilization of data or modifications of the collected data will be regulated by the details given here. When you decide to become a part of our website, you should refer the sentences to ensure the trust between the team of website developers and the users.

We ask details appropriately to offer improved service through proper analysis of the personal needs by investigating the facts given by you. You have to grant the permissions to gather and/or utilize the details under the rules and regulations given in this section and the terms and condition page of our site.

How to use the collected details

The facts we are going to gather may vary in accordance with the purpose of the services we are going to offer by means of improving the quality.

What are the details we are going to gather

Sometimes, we may request you to offer certain details regarding the personal identification by means of future contact needs and/or as a proof for the identity. Further, these details may include following or more accordingly to the purposes. But, not limited a few certain details and it can be broadened or expanded.

  • Contact details such as phone number and email
  • The full name and/or first and/or last name
  • The applicable cookies and tracking data usage

Calculating data usage

We are also gathering the details related to the accessing IP address and the browsing history including the details of the browser, facts usage, account details and most recent search histories as necessary to improve our services.

The details of data usage

The team of developers of this site is also gathering the cookies and tracking details in order to serve, terminate or hold the details sends for the user. However, the user has full authority to reject the cookies when necessary.

What are the cookies used in this site:

We use both the session and preference cookie appropriately in this site. The session cookies are important in operating the services while preference cookies are included for storing data on most preferred sites and different settings customized by yourself. In addition to this, we also utilize security cookies in order to offer a safe and secure service for you.

Use of Data

The purposes of collecting facts within and/or outside the site in relation to its future references can be display as follows;

  • To maintain the best services and offer it for the users as appropriately
  • To send the updates on frequent changes
  • To offer the chances to engage with the services offered by us when you decide the future plans
  • To ensure proper customer service as necessary
  • To gather the analytical information in order to expend the services of our site
  • To observe the usage of services offered by us
  • To maintain an excellent technical support

Transfer Of Data

The gathered facts will be transferred into the remote computers which are located in different countries, regions and states outside from the general governing jurisdiction. Therefore, the laws and included jurisdiction will vary from the general guidelines.

When you accepting the consent for the this, you are automatically agreed with the facts transferring process.

However, the primary health care is totally responsible for the safe and secure utilization of the details in our site without any privacy risk.

Legal Requirements

This site will carefully manage the gathered facts in trustful servers by believing its importance in the following purposes.

  • To match with the current rules and regulations
  • To ensure the  rights or properties of our site
  • To investigate the misleading actions within and outside the site by influencing on its current/future plans
  • To protect clients/users or services
  • To protect against legal liability

The data on the security

The security details on your device will be a significantly important thing for our services. Therefore, we will gather them appropriately. But, those details will not be subjected to any sharing and transferring methods. The details will be stored in fully secure electronic platforms. Further, the team of developers are not guaranteed on the full and complete security in some instances decided by our administrative broad.

Who will offer services

The details you included in the third party platforms are out of our control and we are no longer responsible for them.

How the analysis was done for service usage

The third party organizations will participate with us to carry out analysis tasks

Links To Other Sites

We have included the third party links as necessary to improve the quality of the content you receive. When you click in those, you will direct into those sites by leaving our site. We are no longer responsible for this of these third-party platforms.

Children’s safety

There is no permission to access the site by juniors under 18 years old.

The notifications on frequent changes

All the details given here are subjected to change periodically and we will update you with the latest changes accordingly. We would like to advise you to keep updating with us on these changes and give the contact details as necessary to receive frequent alterations. We are always appreciating regular participation with us in order to ensure quality and engaged services.