The 7 amazing facts on the benefits of dates you must know

benefits of dates

The 7 amazing facts on the benefits of dates you must know…

When we talk about the benefits of dates, it is a widespread topic with a number of important facts. The Dates are known as a fruit which is owing to the family of palm trees such as coconut. But, it has small seeds with a covered fleshy sweet fruit. Even though this is not a fruit that grows all around the world, the dried ones are available anywhere. But, it says there is a totally different and marvellous taste of raw ones than dried dates. After knowing these facts, you will ever buy a pack of dried dates from the supermarket for your whole family. Hence, without wasting time, let’s move onto reading the below few lines.

The nutritional compound which leads to benefits of date!

Not as most of the other fruits, it contains considerably higher calorie. Do you know, it will provide more than two hundred and fifty calories by using only a hundred grams of dates. Moreover, Even though it is rich with the necessary minerals and vitamins such as Magnesium, Manganese, Iron and Vitamin B, it has a great number of carbohydrates and fibres as well. Therefore, the professionals will not recommend it for large quantities. However, they often prescribed frequent intake with small quantity.

Benefits of dates for weight gain!

Since it is higher in calories, this is one of the best home remedies for weight gain. You can add dates to your daily diet plan by following the recommendations of your dietitian in accordance with your age and underlying medical conditions. Most often the dates are a popular ingredient as a dessert or a sweetened with the morning tea.

The date is a wonderful natural gift for heart health

Even though over intake of this fruit is not recommended for heart health, the minerals and micronutrients in it can help in managing blood pressure while protecting your heart. If you are already a sufferer with an impaired heart condition, you can add one date per day with the morning tea. But, no more than that!

The Dates and pregnancy

It says that this fruit has an effect on the labour stage of pregnancy. Therefore, traditionally, there is a practice to eat more dates during the last few weeks of pregnancy who are ready for delivery during the next few months.

Dates to enhance bone health

If you really need to keep your bone health while staying fit for forever, the date is the best choice as it contains a number of necessary minerals to improve the physiological conditions of your bones.

Dates with food and beverages

There is a common practice to use dates in several foods and beverages such as cakes, milk rice, ice creams and many other desserts.

Do dates good for diabetes patients?

There is a myth on the general population about the dates and diabetes. But, it says, the patients who are suffering from high blood sugar can eat these without any bad impact on their medical status due to the low glycemic index of it.

The last lines

These seven most important facts on the benefits of dates will help you to enhance the quality of life while promoting health condition. We would like to invite you to keep reading us for a better life. We will offer the most important writings in the future as well!


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